Sunday, February 16, 2014

Title Change

As you can see I've changed the title of the blog from Fantasia into Starvix Draxon's Datalog.  You're probably wondering why I would do such a horrific thing.  Well, I have a couple of reasons. 

1) Fantasia is not very marketable.  If you type Fantasia in the search engine, you will not find my blog.  Instead you will probably find things relating to the Fantasia movies or other miscellaneous boulderdash that makes utterly no sense.  To reemphasize this point, I will say it again.  There is no way in Heaven or Hell or even in Tartarus that you will find my blog with that name. 

2) Starvix Draxon's Datalog is literally more of a Datalog.  Since I am Starvix Draxon, anyone interested in finding Starvix Draxon will find me immediately in this blog.  It will also help fellow artists find my deviant art account which will show them all my horrible drawings. (They're not that horrible but they are a beginner's work and they're all mechanical pencil drawn.)  So if anyone is interested in what I have drawn.  All you have to do is go to my deviant art account. 

3) People will also discover that I had an older blog called Starvix's Magic Journal.  When they see it, they will see that the last post was published on 4/27/2012.  That journal is defunct.  I no longer use it.  This blog has been far more successful even though I rarely update it, and I also have had more fun with this blog and will continue to do so.  Besides this one I like better.  It fits me more and it uses my full Pen name.  I decided to turn this blog more into a journal rather than a news source on the latest and greatest news for Games, Films, and Books.  If you haven't discovered already I am a terrible news reporter.  By the time something is out, I've already forgot to put a post on it.  Because of this I have decided to turn it into a journal so I do not have the pressure of failing to keep up with current Fantasy news.  If there is something interesting I will indeed post it.  But let me turn this into a more personal journal like datalog. 

4) Datalog is the word for Journal in Final Fantasy XIII.  Anyone typing in Datalog might run into this blog.  I of course doubt it but you never know.

5) I hope to use this as an Author's blog when I become a published Author, playwright, screenwriter etc. 

Well I hope these are reasons enough.  I hope you like the new title.  I'm thinking of changing the format background style or whatever it's called.  Looks a wee bit too dark for me.  The text sort of hurts my eyes.  I'll only change it if I find a better font.  Anyway that's all for me.  Keep reading everyone. 

Starvix Draxon

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