Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dream Character Roles

Just so everyone knows I am also an actor.  I figured if anyone was curious as to what my dream character roles for theater and film it would be the following. 

The Phantom from Phantom of the Opera
Macbeth in Macbeth on stage or film is fine.  I would love to perform in both. 
I'd love to play Romeo in Romeo and Juliet but that will probably never happen. 
Peter Grimes from the Opera Peter Grimes, if I ever go back into opera that is. 
A male singing lead in an operatic music theater where the story revolves around this male singer and he gets all the good amazing songs in the whole musical. 
A Fantasy villain, a complex villain mind you.  I want to be worse than Voldemort but very much human in certain ways, a villain that you both hate and love. 
A Fantasy hero with a complex story line, who possibly wavers in his goodness. 
A Psychopath because they're very complex characters.  It's very interesting to get into the head of such a person and wonder why they do what they do. 
I hope to either play Prospero or Ariel from the Tempest. 
I'd love to play Woyzeck in Woyzeck.  That was a fun play.  I actually performed the Charlatan in that play. I would love to get into the surreal psychological aspects of Woyzeck. 

That's all I can think of at the moment.  I'm actually not that play literate much to my dismay.  I hope this summer I can get a hold of a bunch of variety of plays and read them. 

Anyway those are basically what I want to play if I ever go back into acting.  As you can see for the most part I've selected characters that have complex psychological aspects that make their character aspects very interesting.  I love complexity.  I've always wanted to play the villain you see.  They're fun and naturally far more complex.  That's why I'd give anything to play Charlize Theron's version of the Evil Queen in Snow White and the Hunsman.  Well that's all I have to say.  Keep reading!

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