Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lord of the Rings Review

This is a movie review and a comparison to the books.  I chose to write this post, because I believed I needed to explain my opinion on J.R.R. Tolkien's work even further. 
I for one love the movies, even though sometimes I was confused as to why certain things were happening one way and not the other way around.  I thought for a book adaption they were really spot on.  The truth?  I have never read a single Lord of the Rings book. 
I know.  How could I say the movie was better when I haven't even read the book?  Simple.  If you look at how much paper and text there is in those books, their adaption was perfectly normal.  I couldn't even read the book at a young age.  I did read snipits of the book, mainly the Fellowship of the Ring because that's my favorite of the three.  By reading these snipits of the book I figured out that Tolkien lacked something very important to story. 

1. If you think about it, in order to truly understand anything Tolkien says, you'd have to read the Similarion to understand anything he talks about. 

2. The language he uses is very complex, confusing, and far more difficult to read than the Hobbit. 

3. His story lacks one crucial element that is sort of my pet peeve: Character.  Characters in lord of the rings are plain flat.  Gandalf himself merely does exposition most of the time.  His characters have no emotional depth as far as I could see.  That's why I favor the movies.  Peter Jackson managed to give character to Tolkien's characters, and made the story make sense to the best of his ablities. 

So, that's really all I have to say.  Keep reading my friends!

,Starvix Draxon

Big News in the new year

The Pokémon company has stated that the new year will bring new things that will evolve the Pokémon world as we know it. Check back on January 8th and I will post what it is.