Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Is Houston a Polis? What is a Polis?

A Polis is a city state that is completely autonomous and takes orders from no one else.  They are completely self governing.  So then... Is Houston a polis?

No.  Though Houston has its own local government, Houston also has to obey the orders of the state of Texas and the White House government.  Houston therefore is not autonomous and therefore cannot be a polis in the Greek's eyes. 

And that's your little history trivia for the day!

Starvix Draxon

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dragon Comics: Run, Run, Away!!!

Remember this stuff is copyrighted.  No copying my drawings!  Else, I KILL you! 

Starvix Draxon

Dragon Comics: Axel the Food Thief

The yelling of "Bread!" is a little joke that I'll write in another post at some point.  It's actually quite funny.  If you are wondering, it is meat in Axel's mouth.  He has the... "Oh shit!  I've been caught!" look.  I remember drawing that.  That was fun.  Remember, this stuff is copyrighted.

Starvix Draxon

Dragon Comics: Axel, Leon, Kaira, Trevor

Not sure what's happening here.  But it looks like something's broken.  This is an early work.  You can tell because if you compare it to the previous post, I haven't developed the snout part well enough yet.  Either way I think it's funny what I've done here so enjoy the comic.  It's about two to three years old I think.  No copying by the way!  Copyright!  It's mine.  You copy it.  I KILL you!  Enjoy.

Starvix Draxon