Sunday, August 5, 2012

Brand new Pokémon event

Hey y'all the colt Pokémon keldeo will be availible for download to your Pokémon Black version and Pokémon White version games at gamestops starting August 27.

Welcome to the Arcade!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Arcade!
Here is where I make announcements on upcoming fantasy games and and mmo's!
Anyone here is free to post comments on upcoming games or expansions. Also feel free to review games that you have played and give user-friendly and honest reviews!

For safety-reasons we'll ask you to edit or delete any post that can be seen as flaming, contain spoilers, spam, or for vulgar language. No matter how bad it was, it couldn't have been THAT bad people!

As always, if there is a game or expansion you want me to do a cover on, then please leave a comment on the home page, and we'll see about getting around to it. : )

Happy Gaming,
Major. F. Cupcake

Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf

Wereworld: Rise of the wolf is an incredible book.  As a reader of fantasy, I read it and absolutely loved it.  This book takes place in a world that is ruled by wereanimals.  Not only are there werewolves, but there are also werebears, werestags, wereboars, and werelions and so one.  This aspect makes this book a superb work of fantasy in my eyes.  It deviates from the typical, overdone, supernatural werewolf that I really to not like.  It views werewolves not as monsters of the supernatural world, but as a living fantasy creature that has other wereanimals alike.  From a literary point of view, the language is simple, maybe a little too simple, but pleasant enough to be very enjoyable and entertaing.  The flow of the story feels natural.  Occasionally dialogue sounds a little odd but all in all it has a good flow.  It isn't often you come across books like these. 

It is very rare a book this good comes across.  I have been dying to read its sequel, Rage of the Lions for some time now.  It recently came out.  I haven't read it yet, but I sure can't waitto read it. 

This book series is actually a foreign set of books from Britain.  The author Curtis Jobling apparently was the maker of Bob the Builder tv show.  I find that quite bewildering.  Anyway since it's a foreign book that means it takes longer to get to America.  Joy.  I recommend this book series if you love fantasy, especially werewolves. 

,Starvix Draxon

Dragon's Dogma

This is another game I also have started playing.  I recommend it if you are okay with having to heal yourself all the time.  It is a fun game full of diverse abilities and roles.  Bestiary wise, it's not tha diverse.  But it is a fun game.  I'll write a review on it later.  I hope you enjoy it. 

,Starvix Draxon


This is a very good game.  I intend to write a review on it later.  If you have the PS3 and their PS wand motion controllers, then you will be able to play this game.  It is very fun.  So far I have enjoyed it.  The game is already released but I just want to put this on as a reminder to all you fantasy lovers.  Enjoy. 

,Starvix Draxon


Wilkommen!  Welcome to Fantasia!  Welcome to the place where Fantasy gathers and dances in magical burts of Fireworks, where the dragons soar above the sky, where the werewolves howl to the bright silver moon, where griffons and behemoths gather, where magic glows strongest.  If you like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon Fantasy in general, Dragons, Werewolves, Griffons and more, then you have come to the right spot.  This blog is a news update for the latest fantasy game info and movie info and book info with an occasional video that features fantasy elements.  We might even give game reviews and book reviews on the latest fantasy piece we've seen.  If you notice our blog name is Fantasia, you will also recognize that Fantasia is also a reference to the movie Fantasia made by Disney.  I honor that movie to the highest degree.  My favorite piece is Night on Bald Mountain, followed by the Toccata in Fuge in D Minor.  That is something else to think about is the magic of music.  Hence the creativity in the movie.  It is truely a movie of magic.  Anyway, I plan to post announements and maybe even some of my artwork.  I will also be adding two friends to the blog.  They too will post various information related to fantasy works.  There is really only one rule that is really important. Don't say rude comments.  I will not tolerate rudeness.  Other than that, come with me and dream fantasy.  I hope you enjoy this blog.  Thank you for your time. 

,Starvix Draxon