Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wepwawet: Egyptian Wolf God of War?!

That's right, Folks!  There is an actual wolf god in Egyptian mythology.  At one time there were probably wolves in Egypt and there still might be today.  I don't know for certain.  His name're gonna laugh at this. 
Wepawet!  Get it?  We-paw-wet. 
Anyway.  It is common that he symbolized war.  However because of his symbolization for war, he began to symbolize death along with it, and soon became a funerary god much similar to the functions of Anubis.  Eventually the two became Anubis himself it seems.  His cult city is located in the city of Lycopolis in Egypt.  Interesting how the Greeks named that city.  Now we know where the word lycanthropy comes from. 
But now that I know Wepawet exists, it's time to start
This was some interesting Egyptian mythology trivia wasn't it.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Also note that if you research him, you're going to get different versions on what Wepawet really is.  Research him and Anubis and I gaurantee you will find more than one version and role and birth of that god.  Well that's all for this post.  Take care everyone!
May the gods of Egypt be with you all!
Starvix Draxon

Anubis: God of Embalment and Death

I wanted to write this post to give some trivia on my favorite Egyptian god other than Ra.  He is my favorite god because he's part jackal.  It reminds me of werewolves and all.  Okay, here is the trivia along with an image of Anubis. 

Did you know Anubis's real name is Anupu or Anpu?  Yep.  Anubis is actually the greek version of his true name.  Most call him Anubis since it matches with the jackal god and it actually sounds really cool. 
Did you know that there are three stories as to how Anubis was born?  That's right.  There are indeed three stories to his birth.  Rick Riordan's little field guide is incorrect.  E.A. Wallace Budge, a famous British Egyptologist also speaks of what I'm saying.  If you think about it, the fact that there are three stories makes sense.  The Egyptian Mythology is full of holes and inconsistencies because of its long age.  The most popular myth is where Nephthys, Anubis's mother and sister of Isis, got Osiris drunk and impregnated her (nauty, nauthy) with Anubis.  My personal favorite is Nephthys is married to Set the god of war and chaos with the head of some unknown creature that has yet to be discovered.  I like that version because of  Set's animal head.  If one thinks about it, Set's bestial head and Nephthys's motherly tranquility create Anubis who is bestial yet calm and server to the dead.  The other very interesting myth of Anubis's birth, is that he is a child of Ra.  Now if you think about it, the bennu feather, the feather of a phoenix could be a symbol of Ra.  Anubis is the weigher of the scales, where the heart is placed to see if the person is worthy of paradies or not.  Such a role would be given by a god of light to one of his children.  The question now is, which one is correct?  Who knows?  There are probably many different versions of his birth that I haven't even heard of. 
There will be one more trivia but I want to make it an interesting post.  I also have to make sure this particular god is real.  Get ready for some more Egyptian Trivia. 
Starvix Draxon

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Masuda speaks

Junichi Masuda one of the top people at gamefreak talked about Pokémon X and Y on his blog recently. Most of the stuff we already know but there a few new tidbits that are very intriguing. What follows are his words.
We are aiming to deliver genuine entertainment that can be enjoyed simultaneously by people from all over the world.
Never-before-seen Pokémon that will be discovered for the first time by people from across the globe.
Pokémon that are brought to life and look as if they are right in front you.
Stunningly dynamic Pokémon battles.
Breathtakingly beautiful visuals that take full advantage of the 3DS hardware’s power.
An innovate communication system that will make you feel connected with players from around the world as you play the game.
A new battle mechanism that allows your Pokémon to become even more powerful when the bonds you share grow stronger.
A story and music that can be enjoyed by all.
Whether this is the player’s first game, or if he or she is a veteran of the Pokémon series, our goal is to deliver genuine entertainment that will make all players smile, regardless of their age, gender, country, language, or culture.
The Pokémon series has always been more than just a game.
It’s a series that brings people together, and encourages them to get excited and have fun as if they were at a festival.
That is why I wanted to achieve my long-time dream of a worldwide simultaneous release with these new entries to the series.
Pokémon X and Pokémon Y–the evolved sixth generation of Pokémon.
Genuine entertainment that people have been waiting for is here.
October 2013.
I look forward to being able to play with everyone from around the world.
So until next time gotta catch 'em all