Thursday, January 10, 2013

Legendary Pokémon names revealed!

Sorry for being a little late in posting this but here you are. The names of the Legendary Pokémon were revealed yesterday not 24 hours after the initial announcement video was released, Xerneas (pronounced "ZURR-nee-us") is the blue elk like Pokémon,

and Yveltal ("ee-VELL-tall") is the red Wyvern like Pokémon.

These are the two version mascots for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y respectively. More info is expected soon so I will update with new info as it becomes available. Until then let me know what your thoughts are about the announcement in the comments below.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The World of Pokémon Evolves!

It's here in October. Generation 6! 3ds! New starters!
 New legends!

 New region! New style of name! Pokémon X and Pokémon Y! 
Watch this announcement video for a glimpse of the gameplay.

So to go more in depth into this video the new region looks like it will be based off of France with at least one large city based off of Paris. The region will have at least 9 cities, an Elite 4, a new professor named after a kind of tree, 8 Pokémon gyms(one of them will most likely be a bug type gym), and approximately 100 new Pokémon! Also based on this video there will be Pokémon from previous regions available near the start of the game, and the bike from previous games seams to have been replaced by roller-blades. The gameplay will be 3d and the camera seams to be looking from about the eye level of  the character. Battle system looks like it will be the same turn based thing we have come to expect from the Pokémon games but the Pokémon and envionment will be moving and very dynamic, with new animations for all the moves and a camera follow like was seen in Pokémon Battle Revolution. All in all I am very excited for these new games and am pretty sure thich starter I will be choosing and which game I will get. More updates will come when new things are announced but until then enjoy the announcement video and let me know in the comments your thoughts and which starter you would like to start with.