Sunday, August 5, 2012


Wilkommen!  Welcome to Fantasia!  Welcome to the place where Fantasy gathers and dances in magical burts of Fireworks, where the dragons soar above the sky, where the werewolves howl to the bright silver moon, where griffons and behemoths gather, where magic glows strongest.  If you like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon Fantasy in general, Dragons, Werewolves, Griffons and more, then you have come to the right spot.  This blog is a news update for the latest fantasy game info and movie info and book info with an occasional video that features fantasy elements.  We might even give game reviews and book reviews on the latest fantasy piece we've seen.  If you notice our blog name is Fantasia, you will also recognize that Fantasia is also a reference to the movie Fantasia made by Disney.  I honor that movie to the highest degree.  My favorite piece is Night on Bald Mountain, followed by the Toccata in Fuge in D Minor.  That is something else to think about is the magic of music.  Hence the creativity in the movie.  It is truely a movie of magic.  Anyway, I plan to post announements and maybe even some of my artwork.  I will also be adding two friends to the blog.  They too will post various information related to fantasy works.  There is really only one rule that is really important. Don't say rude comments.  I will not tolerate rudeness.  Other than that, come with me and dream fantasy.  I hope you enjoy this blog.  Thank you for your time. 

,Starvix Draxon


  1. So; I've accepted the facts- I have to become a teacher to do what I want... But legends are what I live for. ^-^

  2. OH! And also- I found another game for you to watch, or play if you can get it to work on your computer.
    It's called; Ib.

  3. I see. Well anyway. This is the blog. A Fantasy blog. Feel free to keep the Fantasy updates going.

  4. Okay. Then I can announce things for Game news!

    Lord of the Rings Online, a free-to-play MMO by Turbine, will be launching it's new expansion Riders of Rohan to the public September first. The expansion can cost anywhere from fourty, to seventy dollars, while the game it's self is free-to-play, with immediate in-game bonuses. (link posted here for more information on purchases--->)

    What is unique about this expansion; is that it will feature a new, one-of-a-kind mounted combat section in Rohan with new mounted enemies, as well as a new level-cap for those of us who play for free.
    (link to a beta review on mounted combat-->)

    As always you can by VIP membership time from the Turbine store, or even become a life member, and spend plenty of those juicy, useful little turbine points for skills purchasable out-of-game, but reviews are all pointing in the same direction; Riders of Rohan is worth the pre-bought cash for this expanive and vast video game.