Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wereworld: Rage of the Lion Review

Alrgight.  Rage of Lions is Book 2 in the Wereworld series.  WARNING!!! PLOT SPOILERS MAY BE FOUND.  This story follows Drew's rescue mission to save the werefox, Gretchen from Prince Lucas, the werelion, while also running from his fate as rightful King of Lyssia.  Through the book we see Drew trying to run from his fate and in the end facing the truth that he is supposed to be King.  Typical, but the author's method of telling the story makes this typical cliche archetype work.  We also see Hector, boarloard of Lyssia go through a psychological disturbance from communing with the dead to often.  We see how he slowly deteriorates from sweet innocent to slightly dark.  We have yet to discover what will happen to him.  My suspicion is that he might turn villain.  I can't say for sure.  He seems to be heading in that dark direction. 
Over all the written language is easily readible.  The cliche of being the lost prince and the trying to run away from his fate fantasy cliche is written well enough to where it actually works and makes a good story.  We also get good characterization in the story as well as its predecessor.  However, if you are a child or rather a very sensitive child to pain and several casualties(in other words, death), and you have issues with severed limbs and blood, I'd wait a few years before you read this book series.  After finishing this book, well...I felt rather depressed.  But that's good, because you bond with the characters.  You feel their pain.  You want to then know, who will survive and what happens next.  The story does end on what is considered a cliff hanger.  So be excited for the next sequal to Rage of the Lion. 

,Starvix Draxon

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