Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Game of Dragons?!

A Game of Dragons?!  What's this all about?!  All this riff raff saying how dark it is.  I've read two reviews, one in the Houston Chronicle, one in Time Magazine.  I'm absolutely terrified!  What does any of this mean? 

I guess what really irks me is that they're labeling it A Game of Dragons.  That to me is just... I don't know, kind of weird or rather wrong.  It shows how crazed society is about Game of Thrones.  Don't get me wrong, I like Game of Thrones...even, though, I, haven't, really, watched it, yet.... Awkward Silence.

I guess it just sort of scares me that people would compare How to Train Your Dragon 2 a children's movie, (supposedly) to an extremely adult television show.  I haven't seen the film yet and now I'm very nervous to even see it.  I'm frightened because I worry that like almost all sequels it will flunk and plunder and just be an utter disgrace. 

I hope I'm wrong and I still want to see it.  I will give a film review of it as soon as I see it. 

Starvix Draxon

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