Monday, November 26, 2012


In my first non Pokémon post I will be talking about a British fantasy show that has delighted me over the last 5 years and is coming to a close early next year. That's right I'm talking about Merlin! So Merlin is a show centered on the great warlock Merlin (only he is about 20 and hasn't mastered magic yet) and his interactions with the king to be Arthur , Arthur's adopted "sister" Morgana, Morgana's maid servant the Lady Gwenevere, and Arthur's father king Uther. Some major events from the legends are covered over the course of the series including Excalibur in the lake and the stone, the formation of the knights of the round table, and establishment of Merlin as a council to Arthur.

The series provides a wonderful balance between comedy and drama as shown in this clip.

Overall this is a wonderful show and I highly recommend it.

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