Monday, October 15, 2012

Night on Bald Mountain

It's Halloween when goblins, ghosts, and gouls prevail, where witches boil malevolent potions and werewolves howl to the bright full moon.  Sketletons dance clatter, clatter.  Demons, devils, and evil spirits whirl about dancing dark and seductive.  Halloween is coming up soon.  Be sure to dress up.  This is a tribute to our name sake, Fantasia.  The movie Fantasia had a special tribute at the end, something that fits the mood of Halloween.  We have here the musical piece of Night On Bald Mountain written by the Russian Composer Mussorgsky, followed by Frans Shubert's Ave Maria.  In the film Fantasia, the host tells the audience about the two contrasting pieces how one depicts Satan while the other shows the sacred nature of good.  In actuallity, the demon is not Satan but heathen slavic god, called Chernobog.  In slavic mythology, one set of the mythology believes in dualism between two gods, the white god, Byelobog, and the black god, Chernobog.  I find it very interesting how they use mythology for Mussorgsky's music.  It fits perfectly giving an appreciation of the culture.  It's the 15th of October, so I might as well share it now.  Ladies and gentlemen I give to you, Night On Bald Mountain!!!!!

 ,Starvix Draxon

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